Anonymous asked:

How do you feel about people who don't oppose what feminism stands for, but feels the title "feminist" has been co-opted and chooses not to use it? Surely someone who's been actively hurt or erased by someone in the name of feminism has every right to feel wary about it as a movement.

I don’t care what people want to call themselves. If a person has been mistreated or ignored by feminists, I understand why she might eschew the label. There are plenty of people who justifiably feel that way, because feminists, like all people, are imperfect humans who, like all people, exist in a framework of intersecting hierarchies and oppressions. In other words, feminists have a long history of ignoring their own privilege and treating certain people like shit. I can’t blame anyone who wants to say, “Screw that.”

But! Can we be clear? Feminism hasn’t been co-opted, and it’s not a movement in the first place. Feminism is an umbrella term that describes a lot of different people and things. There really has never been one single feminist movement. There have always been multiple feminisms, and there probably always will be. 

I would hope that, whatever a person believes in, she won’t shy away from letting everyone know it — even if lots of horrible people purport to believe similar things. Saying “I’m a feminist” is one shorthand way of saying that you believe in gender equality. Saying, “I believe in gender equality” is another way of saying the same thing, just slightly longer. So say it however you want.

Anonymous asked:

To that previous anon: If men don't want to be dissed in comics, maybe they should stop controlling and oppressing women on pretty much all levels of society.

I agree in principle & my heart isn’t exactly bleeding for men who feel put down by feminist comics. But I have to be real, I don’t dis men in my comics.

Anonymous asked:

Your comics aren't positive for feminism. It's about equality all you do is make men seem like assholes instead of focusing on what women can do. That's all i ever see by "feminists" now. They call men the devil and blahblah. Why don't we all try to get equality instead of bringing down the opposite sex?

Thanks for your insightful comment. You’ve given me a lot to think about.

Anonymous asked:

in regards to your obamacare comic post: option E) my family-owned friendly neighborhood pharmacy was forced to go out of business due to obamacare's price hike on insurance of prescription pills. A prescription that previously only costed $15 now costs $300. So yes at the moment, my familys life is kind of ruined from obamacare

100% bullshit.

homogeneousblob asked:

Yes I agree with you. They probably are from a different school of feminism. I'm just making sure that you are aware of the reason why people associate feminism with misandry. I was under the belief that your comic was denying the existence of feminists who hate men, or something of the like. It seems like most people accusing feminists of hating men would be referring to the ones who actually do hate men, and not the ones who don't, as your comic is implying. Anyway, have a nice day.

The stereotype that women’s rights activists hate men predates the handful of feminists who actually hate men by about 100 years. Have a nice day.